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Money Managers are person(s) that are responsible for the implementation of funds to be used for investing and managing portfolios on trading activities. Funds can be singularly managed, by two persons and by a team of more than three people. Money Managers are paid a fee for their works, which is normally a percentage of the funds average assets under management.

Investors must look for long-term fund performance with a Money Manager whose experience with the fund matches its performance. The point of investing in a fund is to leave the financial investment management to function with professionals. Having a good quality Money Manager is the factor to consider when one analyzes the investment quality of a fund used for trading.

How to become a ANB Money Manager

ANB welcomes the partnership of Money Managers. After necessary evaluation of your client funds for trading Money Managers that are competent can manage client’s accounts. ANB offer opportunities through our site, as well as promote services of Money Managers.

Program Benefits of ANB Money Managers

  • Unlimited number of accounts that can be managed
  • Various allocation methods such as MAM/PAMM and API
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